Outdoor lighting may not be the most exciting feature you think of when remodeling your property, but it actually plays a much more important role in the final turnout of your outdoor space than you may realize. Whether it’s a pool deck, driveway, outdoor kitchen, or company office, — lighting has the ability to completely change the atmosphere in any space. Because of this, we’ve listed off 4 advantages of outdoor lighting below, so that you can make the most of your property, no matter the day, time, or space.


Night lighting is a great way to emphasize and enhance the architecture of hardscapes and landscaping throughout your outdoor space. Pathway lights allow increased visibility to paths and driveways along your property. These lights are an aesthetically pleasing way to help guide guests where they need to go while visiting. Uplights shine from the ground up and are excellent for showing off unique trees, as well as highlighting different hardscape features along your property. Downlights are often placed in large, mature trees and shine down on the ground to both replicate moonlight and illuminate specific plant material that you want emphasized throughout the expanse of your landscaping.


2. Added Value

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, then it’s no secret just how big of a role curb appeal plays. Not only is installing lights visually appealing, but on a much more practical level, it simply draws the eye of viewers to your property. The contrast that lighting brings to an otherwise void and formless space can’t help but turn the heads of those visiting or simply passing by.

So whether you’re looking to sell immediately, or simply investing in the appeal of your property for the sake of possible inquiries in the future, adding night lighting is an excellent decision when looking to better the value of your current outdoor space.

3. extended USe

Not only does night lighting emphasize the visual appeal of your outdoor living space, but it also increases the use of every area and extends the amount of time you’re able to spend there. When entertaining guests or spending time with close loved ones, illuminated water features and seating areas go a long way to keep the hour golden far after sunset.

Incorporating lighting into your property is perfect for those spontaneous night swims, or simply enjoying the company of close friends over a late meal by the outdoor kitchen. No matter the time of day or season, outdoor lighting gives opportunity for you to extend the enjoyment of your property into the night, if you so desire.

4. Safety

Last, but certainly not least, night lighting is a great feature to add to your outdoor space as a safety precaution. Whether your home is the hotspot for hosting late summer evening cookouts, or you simply want some added assurance when pulling into the driveway late at night, installing lights throughout your property brings with it a sense of security.

This is a great way to subtly direct traffic in and through each facet of your home, while pointing out important features to take into consideration such as pathways, steps, and retaining walls. In addition, phone apps have now made it easier than ever to oversee the temperament of your home from the comfort of wherever you are. So whether for the sake of enhancing your architecture, adding value to your property, extending the use of your outdoor space, or simply taking further safety precautions, outdoor lighting is a great investment for every homeowner looking to better their property.